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Established in 1979, WISE is an international membership organization that brings together entrepreneurs, creative professionals, businesspeople, executives and leaders who are applying L. Ron Hubbard’s Administrative Technology in the world of commerce to build sanity in the workplace. By addressing the very infrastructure of business today, WISE members create prosperity and economic stability both for their own organizations and for other companies, corporations, communities and, indeed, entire nations. This directory contains exclusive benefits for WISE members, including tools to increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Become a WISE member and connect up with like-minded individuals and organizations, while benefiting from their experience and testimonials to prosper in your own professional life.

The Team

CEO: Richard Howell-Peak

Deputies: Open Position

HES: Open Position

OES: Open Position

PES: Felicity Philip

If you want to help with this project, please write to this email: esto@auckland-otc.com