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What you can do

There are different levels of involvement in the Auckland OTC. No matter how busy you are, there's something for everyone!

The minimum level of involvement is to sign up to our monthly newsletter. This features the latest news from all the activity on our projects, as well as articles, notices of events we run, video updates and any other information we have to share.

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Get Involved

If you enjoy our newsletter or even just like what you've seen on this website, and want to get more involved in helping then please, become an OTC member!

We rely completely on our members to get these projects done. We live in a society ridden by drug addiction, illiteracy, crime, human rights abuses and moral decay.

Without a functioning society, we would all perish. One only has to look at societies across the world that have completely collapsed. These are places torn apart by civil war, corruption and organised crime.

We all need to do our part to ensure decency, honesty and civilsation can prevail.

Please, get involved in whatever way you can!

Take Responsibility

We have several Executive positions that need to be filled.

If you're interested in taking more responsibility within our different projects and taking on a more permanent role then please register your interest here


In case you haven't noticed, society isn't doing too great. We face many threats to a stable and flourishing society where honest people can survive well and prosper.

It's often been said that for evil to prevail, all you need is for good people to do nothing.

This is absolutely the truth.

We need your support and help.

Truthfully, we all waste time. There are 24 hours in a day, 162 hours in a week, and 648 hours in a month. The least you can do is sign up to our monthly newsletter and 30 minutes out of your monthly 648 hours keeping up to date with the latest news and activity on the OTC.

Even if all you can do is attend the odd meeting, or help out on an ad-hoc basis, anything is appreciated. There is an awful lot that can be done with many volunteers giving only a few hours of their time every month.

First of all, sign up to the monthly newsletter and keep yourself up to date with what's going on on the OTC.

Register as a member, and start coming to the weekly meetings. You'll start to find things you can get more involved in as you hear about the various activities being reported on in the meetings.