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About Auckland OTC

We are responsible for carrying out the main campaigns we do. If you'd like to learn more about the different projects we are involved in, please take a look Here

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Our Team

Terry Le Sueur

OTC Chairman

Terry has been serving on the OTC for many years now.

Stephan Hokke

OTC Communications Secretary

Open Position

OTC Organisation Executive

Open Position

OTC Public Executive

Our Projects

The Way to Happiness CEO: Alex Speight
United for Human Rights CEO: Open Position
Youth for Human Rights CEO: Open Position
Applied Scholastics CEO: Rebecca Jone
WISE CEO: Richard Howell-Peak
Narconon CEO: Open Position
Criminon CEO: Ngati Kawa
CCHR CEO: Open Position
Drug Free World CEO: Yvonne Wilmott
Volunteer Ministers CEO: Open Position